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SoCal results

Here are the results from the SoCal National Qualifier. Looks like there were some pretty strong teams in California. APAC, WF 18-1 and Russ all had some good finishes. Club/Team Age/Division Finish Final Record (sets) Abq Rebels 17 Fred 17 Club 92nd 0-8 (2-16) El Paso APAC 16 16 Open 29th 5-4 (12-7) El Paso […]

XRoads: Area team results

The 2011 Colorado Crossroads tournament is now in the books and the area teams all showed some great heart. Notable performances include the Wildfire 18 finish at #5 in the incredibly difficult 18s Opens, NM Jrs 17 Jeff finish #19 in the equally hard 17s Open and Net Force El Paso, who finish at #9 […]