Sweet Sixteen Set to Kick Off

The Sweet Sixteen is set to kick off this Friday at Mayfield and Oñate gyms. The pools have been set as follows:

Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D
Las Cruces Mayfield Oñate Gadsden
Silver Roswell Bowie Deming
Santa Teresa Ruidoso Alamogordo Hot Springs
Artesia Hatch Valley Jesus Chapel Carlsbad

The championship bracket is set to play at Oñate High School, while the consolation bracket will be played at Mayfield.

Download the Championship Bracket

Download the Consolation Bracket

Keep your eye on 4A state champs Artesia, 5A state champs Gadsden and Carlsbad to lead the packs this year. Artesia has the goods to win it all with Ballew, Horner and Elkins in tow; this could be their tournament to lose.

There’s been a lot said about how Gadsden will fare without Castellanos, but as we know the season is still young and there’s plenty of talent on the Panther squad. The hitters they have in place, along with that scrappy defense, Gadsden will be up for the challenge.

Carlsbad has some big guns with seniors Niemeier, Edmondson, Muñoz and Morrill; expect them to do very well.

Finally, I like the potential match-ups with 3A schools in Silver and Hatch Valley; both ranked in the last coaches poll, 6th and 4th, respectively.

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  1. After the pool play these are the teams in the championship bracket:

    Silver City

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