NMHSCA Polls – Sept 28

Here are the rankings released September 28th, 2011

Note: These rankings are taken directly from the New Mexico High School Coaches Association web site.

Class 5A

Rank School Points 1st Place Votes
1 Cleveland 102 6
2 Gadsden 98 3
3 La Cueva 82 2
4 Rio Rancho 80
5 Cibola 57
6 Sandia 45
7 Mayfield 32
8 Las Cruces 31
9 Eldorado 29
10 Carlsbad 16

Class 4A

Rank School Points 1st Place Votes
1 Artesia 108 9
2 St. Pius X 98 1
3 Los Alamos 97 1
4 Abq Academy 68
5 Moriarty 63
6 Piedra Vista 51
7 Roswell 32
8 Los Lunas 31
8 Valencia 31  1
9 Bernalillo 23

Class 3A

Rank School Points 1st Place Votes
1 Pojoaque 80 9
2 Sandia Prep 68
3 Hope Christian 58
4 Santa Fe Indian 48
5 Hatch Valley 38
6 Portales 35
7 St. Mikes 32
8 Lovington 23
9 Silver 22
10 Raton 20

Class 2A

Rank School Points 1st Place Votes
1 Texico 95 7
2 Bosque 81
3 Estancia 75
4 Dulce 48 2
5 Cloudcroft 46
5 Mesilla Valley 46
7 Clayton 39
7 Eunice 34
9 Navajo Prep 27
10 Lordsburg 16

Class 1A

Rank School Points 1st Place Votes
1 Tatum 79 7
2 Fort Sumner 70
3 Melrose 47
4 Des Moines 41
5 Springer 40 1
6 Mountainair 40
6 Ramah 38
8 Hagerman 33
9 Jal 21
10 Desert Academy 21

Class 1B

Rank School Points 1st Place Votes
1 Carrizozo 59 5
2 Clovis Christian 47
3 Elida 41  1
4 NM School for the Deaf 29
5 Corona 28
5 Victory Christian 28
7 Quemado 26
8 Hondo 20
9 Grady 18
10 Reserve 13
10 Vaughn 13

15 thoughts on “NMHSCA Polls – Sept 28”

  1. Interesting polls this week. It sounds like the Cleveland La Cueva match was unbelievable this past Tuesday 18-16 in set 5 with 4 division 1 players on the court at the same time, is that a first for New Mexico high school volleyball?. Gadsden plays Cleveland this Saturday and La Cueva plays Rio Rancho tonight. I don’t understand why Rio Rancho is so close to La Cueva in the poll, the top 3 teams should be really separated from the rest of the 5A pack. Things should be much more clear after this week.

  2. We’ll see after Rio Rancho hands La Cueva their 3rd loss in a week if La Cueva stays number 3 in the polls.

  3. In 5A, I think the top five are right, but the bottom five need some review. Cibola beat Sandia in 3 easy. Mayfield has losses to Alamogordo and Carlsbad and split with Cruces who didn’t make it in the top 8 at the sweet 16 and lost to ElDorado. Onate is probably the second best team in that district and should be sixth on the polls. Three of Carlsbads losses have come from Artesia who have split with Gadsden and two from Onate who as mentioned is underated. My opinion, Onate 6. Sandia 7. Eldorado 8. Carlsbad 9. and maybe LasCruces 10.

  4. In 4A, Artesia is the clear number 1 and will probably stay there all the way to State.
    2nd place is St Pius who has beaten the #3,#4,#5 and #6 ranked teams in 5A.
    How can Los Alamos, who has only played one 5A team (Sandia) and lost, be only one point below them?
    The voters don’t seem to take strength of schedule into account at all.

  5. In response to GO RIO RANCHO, it would be a miracle for Rio Rancho to win La Cueva. Rio Rancho has no hitters close to the cabliber of Julia Warren.

  6. What you have to keep in mind is the coaches in that classification are the only ones voting. The problem is at least half of the coaches don’t keep up with what is going on in the rest of the state or don’t take the time to vote. So the end result are the polls we have.

  7. Dear No Way,

    The game of volleyball is not won solely with hitters! Ask any college coach….can’t get a hit if ya can’t pass! Can’t win a match if ya give away points on the serve….Just saying….hitters don’t win the match by themselves! 🙂

  8. In 2A – whoever is giving Dulce 1st place votes (aka not Texico) is out of their mind. Also, Estancia should finally jump Bosque in next weeks poll. They beat Bosque at Bosque in 3 Thursday night. Estancia has won all 3 games vs. them this year (3-1, 3-0, 3-0.

  9. Hey No Way. Do you have the scores from the La Cueva / Rio volleyball game last night? Missed the game – saw Cleveland smack Manzano last night.

  10. And Warren needed all 26! Much closer than I thought. Congrats to Julia and her teammates for pulling it out.

    Thanks for the update….slacker :).

  11. Dear Bear,

    I am sure the back row of the La Cueva VB team would beg to differ. One settter and 1 hitter not enough to win any match..just saying..AGAIN..:)

  12. Cleveland’s narrow victories over Gadsden (5 sets) & La Cueva earlier in the week is indicative of how competitive these teams are and what we will hopefully see at state. And don’t count out Rio Rancho as they played very well against La Cueva last Thursday. Who’s number one in 5A? On paper Cleveland gets the edge, but on the court it’s a toss up….

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