NMHSCA Polls – Oct 5

Here are the rankings released October 5th, 2011

Note: These rankings are taken directly from the New Mexico High School Coaches Association web site.

Class 5A

Rank School Points 1st Place Votes
1 Cleveland 108 9
2 Gadsden 95 2
3 La Cueva 80
4 Rio Rancho 70
5 Cibola 62
6 Sandia 57
7 Las Cruces 40
8 Eldorado 24
8 Mayfield 24
10 Oñate 12

Class 4A

Rank School Points 1st Place Votes
1 Artesia 128 11
2 St. Pius X 118 2
3 Los Alamos 113 1
4 Abq Academy 92
5 Piedra Vista 62
6 Moriarty 58
7 Los Lunas 42
8 Roswell 35
9 Bernalillo 29
10 Aztec 28

Class 3A

Rank School Points 1st Place Votes
1 Pojoaque 100 10
2 Sandia Prep 70
3 Hope Christian 69
4 Hatch Valley 54
4 Portales 54
6 Santa Fe Indian 50
7 Silver 39
8 Lovington 37
9 St. Mikes 24
10 Raton 23

Class 2A

Rank School Points 1st Place Votes
1 Texico 79 7
2 Bosque 66
3 Estancia 60
4 Eunice 31
4 Mesilla Valley 31
6 Cloudcroft 28
7 Navajo Prep 27
8 Dulce 26 1
9 Lordsburg 23
10 Clayton 21

Class 1A

Rank School Points 1st Place Votes
1 Tatum 98 8
2 Fort Sumner 89 1
3 Melrose 57
4 Des Moines 53
5 Jal 37
5 Springer 37  1
7 Moutainair 35
8 Ramah 33
9 Animas 26
9 Hagerman 26

Class 1B

Rank School Points 1st Place Votes
1 Carrizozo 87 6
2 Elida 76 2
3 Clovis Christian 59
4 NM School for the Deaf 49  1
5 Corona 48
5 Victory Christian 47
7 Quemado 43
8 Grady 23
9 Vaughn 29
10 Honda 18

8 thoughts on “NMHSCA Polls – Oct 5”

  1. Wow, so La Cueva did not receive any first place vote from this latest poll. Previous poll, it got 2 first place votes. I wonder why. So all the voting coaches pretty much have Cleveland as the best team in getting the state championship. Any comments?

  2. VB fan that is interesting. Losing to Cleveland 18-16 in set 5 in a classic and beating Rio Rancho in 3 last week, they lose 2 first place votes why? Gadsden keeps 2 first place votes.LC play Cibola tomorrow which is the 5th ranked team in the state, then next Tuesday they play Sandia which is the 6th ranked team in the state those matches are played before the next poll comes out, if they win those 2 matches logic would say they would close the gap on Gadsden. People who are saying La Cueva’s strength of schedule is suspect is dead wrong. They are now 9-2 playing the top 5A teams except Gadsden, Only to lose to Cleveland in 5 and St. Pius in 4, Pius is playing really well right now. Interesting

  3. Do coaches seriously not check out games and scores. 2A is screwed up, Estancia has beaten Bosque 3 times this season already. If its gonna be like this for state seedings, some teams are going to be shafted.

  4. Court Topper- While 2A’s poll hasn’t been done well you must take into consideration that coaches do not determine state seeding, a panel of NMAA officials do. On the NMAA website it says teams will be ranked for the state tournament using the following criteria:

    As a result of the Board of Director’s unanimous vote at the June 3, 2010 meeting, the NMAA
    staff will seed & select teams for the 2011-2012 State Championships.
    The NMAA staff will utilize the following criteria to seed & select as listed
    in NMAA bylaw 7.11.2.
    1. Finish in district play and/or district tournaments.
    2. Head to head
    3. Performance against other teams including district champions or runner-ups
    from other districts, regardless of class.
    4. Input from NMAA staff members.
    5. Overall records.
    6. Elimination – what teams from that particular class do not fit the 12 or 16
    team format due to their lack of success during the current year.
    7. New Mexico High School Coaches Association Poll.
    8. Member school input

    These polls are one of the last things that get considered in the seeding process so while it isn’t fair to teams it is not the way teams are seeded for state. Also, if you consider the way the state bracket is set up assuming Estancia and Bosque are ranked 2 & 3 (in whatever order) and they both win their pools they will end up on the same half of the bracket playing each other in the semi-finals. So unless one of these schools somehow gets ranked 1 or 4 the only difference it will make is poll play and their quarter-final opponent.

  5. Let’s face it. The coaches’ polls are very subjective which is why we like to debate/argue/agree with the coaches who voted and among ourselves. Who cares if they play a small role in the state seedings.

    BTW, why didn’t Cleveland get all the first place votes? Gadsden’s three losses were to top ranked teams – Cleveland and Artesia. Although I hate to admit it, Bear does have a good point. La Cueva, Pius, Rio Rancho and Cleveland are on each other’s schedules this season and it hasn’t been a cakewalk for any of these teams. Not to mention the stress on the parents and fans!

    Just kidding Bear.

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