Daily Dig – Sep 7

El Paso High School player #7
El Paso High School player #7

Battle of the “woods” tonight

El Paso Eastwood and Montwood have a match tonight, and according to the El Paso Times’ Felix Chavez, it should be a good one (read the last sentence in his post carefully.) One of El Paso’s best hitters, Monica Corrujedo on the Montwood squad against an Eastwood squad with Alexia Heist. With such high powered offenses going at it, I think the defense makes the difference.

Read Felix’s post on the EP Times’ Meet the Preps

By the way…Gadsden won the Sweet 16

In case you haven’t read by now, Gadsden won it all…you can also read about the Panther’s win in the Las Cruces Sun-News.

Journal runs story on Cleveland and its promise

And by promise, I think they meant potential. The story (subscription required) ran on Saturday in the “West Section” of the Journal. To paraphrase, the story talks about the big Storm win over Rio Rancho at the Hussmann Tournament, and their fifth-place showing.

Ags look finish up series with win

Playing UTEP tonight, at UTEP, the Aggies look to make the match sweep happen, making the series sweep happen…again. Read about it in the Sun-News.

Daily Dig Player of the Day

“What’s with the pictures of random players on these articles?” you ask? I pick a NM or El Paso player to feature on the Daily Dig articles to recognize their hard work and commitment to the game; they deserve it.

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