Oct 6 NMHSCA polls released

Here are the rankings released October 6, 2010.

Note: These rankings are taken directly from the New Mexico High School Coaches Association web site.

Class 5A

Rank School Points 1st Place Votes
1 Rio Rancho 94 7
2 Gadsden 89 2
3 Cleveland 78 1
4 Eldorado 63
5 Sandia 47
6 Las Cruces 46
7 Mayfield 45
8 La Cueva 33
9 Cibola 28
10 Volcano Vista 11

Class 4A

Rank School Points 1st Place Votes
1 Abq Academy 106 6
2 St. Pius X 103 3
3 Artesia 98 1
4 Los Alamos 65 1
4 Piedra Vista 65
6 Moriarty 48
7 Roswell 38
8 Goddard 35 1
9 Española Valley 29
10 Los Lunas 25

Class 3A

Rank School Points 1st Place Votes
1 Pojoaque 68 5
2 Hatch Valley 58 1
3 Santa Fe Indian 45
4 Portales 43 1
5 Sandia Prep 42
6 St. Mike’s 41
7 Lovington 22
8 Shiprock 18
9 Hope Christian 12
10 Silver 10

Class 2A

Rank School Points 1st Place Votes
1 Texico 64 7
2 Tularosa 53
3 Bosque 45
3 Estancia 45
5 Eunice 37
6 Rehoboth 33
7 Navajo Prep 25
8 Peñasco 23 1
9 Mesilla Valley Christian 19
10 Dexter 11

Class 1A

Rank School Points 1st Place Votes
1 Tatum 72 3
2 Fort Sumner 68 2
3 Jal 62 1
4 Animas 55
5 Des Moines 39 1
6 Spinger 31 1
7 Ramah 29 1
8 Hagerman 22
9 Floyd 21
10 Mountainair 20

Class 1B

Rank School Points 1st Place Votes
1 Carrizozo 63 3
2 Elida 52 2
3 Quemado 43
4 Grady 42
5 Victory Christian 34
6 Clovis Christian 33 1
7 Reserve 25
8 Hondo Valley 22
9 NM School for the Deaf 19 1
10 Vaughn 17

12 thoughts on “Oct 6 NMHSCA polls released”

  1. OMG!!!!! Lordsburg Dominated Mesilla Valley. Mesilla somehow moves up a spot and Lordsburg gets no recognition????? A win on Saturday will shake things up….Keep Feeding the fire i guess.

  2. Same with 4A Mike. Pius beats Academy, Artesia beat Pius and the ranking stayed the same. I have to believe that some of the voting coaches don’t check to see what the results are from some of the latest games. Too bad for those teams who are winning and not getting the recognition.

  3. I honestly don’t think coaches polls matter. They’re seriously over rated, so don’t read too much into them. Anyways sometimes rankings get to the team’s heads, when it’s really not worth it. Sometimes it’s better not to stress about where you’re ranked, because all that matters in the end is the results of the state tournament.

  4. In 2a it matters. If tularosa wins the district.. a team like lordsburg who is top six will get left home. Its not fair to the kids. The best 12 should go. The system needs fixing

  5. Your ranking does matter, moreso,if a team like Lordsburg doesn’t get ranked and they oversee that they beat MVC, Lordsburg can be left out of the state tournament if they don’t win district.
    In 4A, Santa Teresa is not being ranked because “they” failed to see that this team split with Cleveland and St. Pius in pool play at the Rio Rancho tournament and they also beat Carlsbad last week.

  6. Exactly, rankings don’t matter. What I’m trying to say is what matters is who wins in district. If your team doesn’t win their district it’s not because coaches didn’t rank them well in the coaches poll, it’s because they lost to a better team, not because they weren’t ranked how they should have been. Knowing 2A very well myself, I would say that it’s going to be hard for anyone to beat Texico anyway, but if we’re looking at rankings Bosque shouldn’t be tied with Estancia they should be ranked above them, since Bosque beat them in three on their home court. 2A is hard to rank because they’re so spread out, so a coach from Mesilla Valley Doesn’t get to see Texico.
    And 4A should be ranked differently as well, because Pius creamed Academy in 3.
    These rankings aren’t that important, what is important is how it all plays out in district and state. I’m sorry if your team doesn’t win district, but like I said before these ranking have NOTHING to do with it.

  7. Seems that some of the coaches are mocking the system by giving a first place vote to a team that is ranked in 7th, 8th or even 9th place.

  8. SA what a joke. Your saying cancel the 2A tournament cause Texico is unbeatable. Kids are working hard to have the opportunity to play in ALB. And if There is 2 great teams in one district they should both go. Look at some of the other districts where all the teams suck. Why should they get to go and weaken the tournament while a good team sits home????

  9. I’m not saying you should cancel it, I’m saying that the odds of anyone else winning is slim. Texico wrecked Estancia tonight. I don’t think it should be canceled by any means, I’m just saying that you really shouldn’t be so worried about coaches polls because the coaches aren’t the NMAA selection committee.

  10. They might not be the NMAA committee, but the committee usually agrees withe coaches, and yes it does matter because I have seen teams that deserve to go stay home and teams that don’t deserve to go in the tournament. You have to understand that it does matter because pool groups are set up by ranking/seeding or if they do away with pool play, they use seedings to place you in the bracket, so there are implications.

  11. I don’t think that these rankings are very fair because Reserve beat one of the teams that was ahead of us and we are still ranked below them. I just don’t think that it is fair at all:(

  12. What we have are coaches not paying attention to the weekly games, or who are biased towards certain teams, or are biased by location, or some or all of the above. If the rankings were strictly voted on by the best teams then you would see changes happen when a lower team beats a higher ranked team. It is also interesting to see which coaches voted and which ones didn’t even bother to vote.

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