2010 4A All-State selections

Sarah Weber - St. Pius Stacey Gowen - Artesia

Player of the Year
Sara Weber, St. Pius

Coach of the Year
Stacy Gowen, Artesia

First Team

Outside Hitters: Sara Weber, St. Pius; Hannah Ballew, Artesia

Middle Hitters: Shanice Steenholdt, Roswell; Kristin Holt, Academy

Setters: Jasmine Serna, St. Pius; Amy Horner, Artesia

Libero/DS: Felicity Jackson, St. Pius; Gabi Corona, Artesia

Second Team

Outside Hitters: Alix Russel, Piedra Vista; Sabrina Little, Los Alamos; Shivaughn Hatt

Middle Hitters: Jenna Elkins, Artesia; Hannah Grazda, St. Pius

Setters: Elizabeth Sun, Academy; Marika Trujillo, Roswell

Libero/DS: Amber Sandoval-Menendez, Academy; Jessica Zamora, Roswell

Honorable Mention

Outside Hitters: Lexi Biondi, St. Pius; JD Madrid, Artesia

Middle Hitters: Chase Ealey, Los Alamos; Brittany Burgess, Artesia; Taylor Yazzie, Kirtland Central; Emily Bushard, Piedra Vista; Brittany Jackson, Piedra Vista

Setters: Savana Romero, Los Alamos; Kira Turnham, Moriarty; Mariah Culpepper, Piedra Vista; Taylor Benally, Kirtland Central

Libero/DS: Brittany Sofka, Piedra Vista; Justine Lente, Los Lunas; Bailey Blackwell, Goddard; Jourdan Ensign, Piedra Vista; Stevi-Rae Baca, Aztec; Justine Gallegos, Belen

3 thoughts on “2010 4A All-State selections”

  1. Wow, all quiet over here so I guess the coaches did a good job of picking players. They are tearing each other apart over on the 5A page.
    I want to congratulate Coach Gowen of Artesia for being named coach of the year. I have seen her in action twice this year and am very impressed. She analyzes the opposing team quicker than any coach I’ve ever seen. She then makes adjustments on her team to take advantage of the other teams defense. She did this successfully against us.
    Looking at the Artesia website I see that most of their team is returning next year. Most of our team is also returning so we will be meeting again at some point next November. Should be a great re-match.
    Good job Bulldogs!

  2. I am so happy that St.Pius’ Sara Weber was named player of the year! A very well deserved honor for this amazing young lady. An incredible athlete, student, and person. She is a class act on and off the court. Although known for being quiet, she obviously lets her volleyball skills do the talking. Congratulations to Sara, her coaches, and St. Pius!

  3. St. Pius Parent,

    Thanks for your positive words for our Coach here in Artesia. It has been a long road and one that Coach Gowen and her main assistant, Pam Lynn, relished along the way. I was talking to another parent last week and we noticed the same thing as you – we will hopefully see each other come next November. For now, know that your girls and coaches are highly respected.

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