NMHSCA Polls – Sept 21

Here are the rankings released September 21st, 2011

Note: These rankings are taken directly from the New Mexico High School Coaches Association web site.

Class 5A

Rank School Points 1st Place Votes
1 Cleveland 103 6
2 Gadsden 102 4
3 La Cueva 87 1
4 Rio Rancho 63
5 Sandia 56
6 Cibola 52
7 Las Cruces 38
8 Mayfield 26
9 Eldorado 23
10 Manzano 12

Class 4A

Rank School Points 1st Place Votes
1 Artesia 137 11
2 St. Pius X 114 1
3 Los Alamos 95 1
4 Abq Academy 93
5 Piedra Vista 70  1
6 Moriarty 61
7 Roswell 40
8 Valencia 32  1
9 Bernalillo 28
9 Aztec 28
9 Los Lunas 28

Class 3A

Rank School Points 1st Place Votes
1 Pojoaque 90 9
2 Sandia Prep 64
3 Hope Christian 55
4 Portales 50
5 Hatch Valley 46
6 Santa Fe Indian 45
7 St. Mikes 33
8 Silver 32
9 Lovington 30
10 Raton 18

Class 2A

Rank School Points 1st Place Votes
1 Texico 107 8
2 Bosque 75
3 Estancia 71
4 Mesilla Valley 38
5 Cloudcroft 36 1
5 Dulce 36 1
7 Clayton 33
7 Navajo Prep 33
9 Tularosa 31
10 Eunice 29

Class 1A

Rank School Points 1st Place Votes
1 Tatum 86 8
2 Fort Sumner 76
3 Des Moines 57
4 Melrose 41
5 Jal 40
5 Ramah 40
7 Springer 38  1
8 Mountainair 33
9 Animas 21
9 Hagerman 21

Class 1B

Rank School Points 1st Place Votes
1 Carrizozo 76 5
2 Elida 68 3
3 Clovis Christian 50
4 Victory Christian 40
5 NM School for the Deaf 39
6 Corona 35
7 Quemado 33
8 Grady 26
9 Reserve 21
10 Vaughn 20

17 thoughts on “NMHSCA Polls – Sept 21”

  1. How can Cleveland still be number 1! Gadsden has not lost a match, La Cueva has not lost a match, La Cueva won the Metro Tournament and have the best player in the state in Julia Warren and they are number 3? Gadsden won a big tournament down south and they are Number 2? Cleveland has lost 3 matches so far this year. Coaches have to pay attention to results.

  2. Cleveland is number one. Cleveland is undefeated in New Mexico. They lost three matches to Franklin HS , Amarillo HS and Tascosa HS. These three teams are top teams from Texas. Cleveland is stacked with top players like Sarah Hattis, Cassie House, Courtney Lawson, Marissa Calvillo, the list goes on….

  3. Hmmmm. If you look at last years polls around this time Gadsden was ranked at number 2 also. So I guess Gadsden is being taken lightly again? Well I guess we all know how Gadsden ended up right? Right.

  4. Okay, Gadsden Fan. The two teams will probably play each other twice in this coming weekend’s RRHS/CHS Volleybash tournament. Once in pool play at 12:30 pm on Friday and the other one probably in the gold bracket play on Saturday. GO STORM!!

  5. Having seen both teams already this year Gadsden is more of a defensive team. They do not possess the huge hitter with Natalie out. Cleveland is loaded with hitters but are not as good defensively so it should be interesting to see what happens. If the storms hitters are on (meaning the passing and setting must be on also) then the edge goes the Cleveland. If they are off just a little and Gadsden’s defense is as good as I have seen it be this year then Gadsden gets the edge.

  6. From what I hear the team to watch is La Cueva. Julia Warren is playing awesome, I was up from the south to Alb and watched the Metro Tournament, she absolutely dominated without their setter Brandi Torr, she had 34 kills against Cibola and 33 kills against St. Pius. We should worry about La Cueva and Julia Warren come November.

  7. Bash has a good perspective about the teams and their respective strong points. For me, La Cueva is a wildcard since I haven’t seen them yet.

    I know in a week’s time, we’ll have a good idea of how these teams compare: a Cleveland/Gadsden match-up this weekend is a good possibility and La Cueva hosting Cleveland on Tuesday (9/27) will most definitely be a must-see match.

    The potential 4A match-ups this weekend are also worthy of discussion of their own…

    Thanks to everyone for their great input!

  8. La Cueva didn’t dominate Metro. They barely won after losing sets to 3A Hope Christian and 4A St Pius. Warren gets 34 kills because they set to her 150 times per game, regardless if shes front row, back row whatever. The other teams they have played are cupcakes.
    We will see how she does with some tall blockers in front of her next week against Sue Cleveland.


  10. Get Real, that’s what you do is the set the best player all the time, I’m a Gadsden fan but you have to admit Julia Warren is a great great player, I know a few people in the La Cueva program and from what I hear Julia was a terror this past summer for the National Youth A2 team, she averaged close to 20 kills a match against international competition and the best players in the USA for her age group. We all better watch out for La Cueva, we can’t overlook them

  11. It will be interesting to see how Cleveland sets their rotation against the Bears. With one very strong hitter for the bears it could be easy to put your best blockers across from her and let them challenge every kill attempt while dictating the lanes for the back row.

    I love the volleyball banter and especially with all the positive remarks for the teams.

  12. St. Pius has had a rough start with one of their main outside hitter’s Jasmine Serna, having to set because of an injury with the main setter. She has done an amazing job stepping up, unfortunately she is unable to help out with passing and hitting! She helped take her NM Jr.’s club team to Nationals the last 2 years. I believe they will be a major contender in this tournament, being they they almost took the metro tournamnt against 5-A La Cueva!!!

  13. Let’s set the story straight about results. Gadsden and Cleveland participated in the West Texas Invitational and Cleveland beat Gadsden in pool play and ended up third in the tournament behind Franklin (Ranked 25th in Texas) and Coronado (Ranked 21st). Cleveland played Amarillo (ranked 10th) last Saturday and lost in four sets.

    My point is that a team’s record probably has the biggest impact on its ranking, however there are other factors that need to be considered – strength of schedule being one. My personal opinion is Cleveland, Gadsden and La Cueva are the best teams in the state and will likely stay at the top of the rankings for the remainder of the year. There are some great matchups over the next couple of weeks and we will no doubt see some great volleyball.

  14. Rankings really mean nothing. This goes on every year. Gadsden and Cleveland will play head to head this weekend, and La Cueva and Sue Cleveland play next week.
    Even after they play nothing will be settled. It all comes down to who plays the best at State in November. I agree these 3 teams will be high in the brackets.
    Parents writing in bragging about great their kids are doesn’t win games.

  15. No one is giving credit where credit is due.
    Pojoaque is probably the best team in the state.
    After seeing them sweep Artesia (4A number 1) and beat Pius (4A number 2) in pool play, and split with Gadsden, barely losing the first and dominating in the second, ifs safe to assume theyre one of the best.

    After tomorrows match against Clev. we’ll see who really is best

  16. No doubt that Pojoaque was the best team in the state this weekend. And since the 3A, 4A, and 5A teams will not meet again this year they are the best team in the state period.

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